Sketches From When I Was a Kid


When I shared the post about sketches I sometimes do someone wrote and asked me if I always sketched or if it was a new thing since doing mixed media.

Holland Fest


Showed my art work and other fun crafty stuff at Holland Fest this weekend. What a blast! We had such a great time. We’ve done a few of these festivals here and there and this time I feel like we finally got the booth setup that works for us.

Zucchini Tots


As many of you know I’m a little obsessed with zucchini.



I think all of us have spent time… a lot of time…. more time than we should have…. on a situation that is really beyond our control. Someone accuses us of something, they don’t like us, they badmouth us… and it hurts. Especially when the person doing this is someone you personally cared about, and […]

Salmon and Grapefruit Salad With Popovers


It was a hot one today, so tonight I made salads for dinner. This is a salad recipe I’ve been playing with, usually making it for lunch but tonight I decided to make a larger portion for our supper.

High Regard


Sometimes I imagine what things were like before I was born. Like, did God sit down and have a chat with me and tell me everything that was going to happen in my life before I was even alive on the earth? Did He tell me He loved me then, long before I was born […]

Picture Wall


I’m a total fan of picture walls. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s almost like a movie that you pause on all the best spots featuring the happiest times in your life. It makes me feel good to see the pictures every single day and pass them as I go about my regular […]

Another Little Table Transformation


Yesterday I was sitting in our living room enjoying that new little table we painted, and suddenly I looked at our other one and said to my hubby, “I think that needs some color, too.” Lucky for me he enjoys this furniture makeovers as much as I do. We went to the hardware store, got […]



We moved about a year ago and instantly this house felt like home. We put up pictures, our furniture seemed to work, and we really felt good here. Still do.

A Heart Unbroken

a heart unbroken

One thing I appreciate about God is that He uses our mistakes for good. He takes the things we like least about ourselves and makes something positive out of it. He doesn’t expect perfection because he knows we can’t give perfection. We can only try.



I get asked a lot about my process when it comes to creating art. I think we all like tips on being creative and it’s interesting to see how different artists do things. One question I was asked recently was whether I carry a sketchbook around. I carry a journal always and actually have them all […]

#Good Sunday

be a blessing

So often we want to be helpful and encouraging but aren’t sure how to do it. It’s very easy to feel small and unimportant in this big world. It’s easy to buy into the belief that the light you feel isn’t enough to highlight the good in the world. So I want to start posting […]