I’ve always been a little bit fascinated with steeples. I love architecture and enjoying seeing the way churches have decided to express their creativity with the building that represents their love of God.

Flying Pigs and Cool Art


A few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a drive. And we drove… and drove… and ended up in Door County.

Linky Saturday: October 18, 2014


What a rainy week! Rain and rain and more rain. My little doggie was so bummed by the rain, she snuggled herself under my chair all week.

More Mini’s

crown dress

I’m still a mini canvas kick. They’re so fun.

What Is Failure, Really?

hope views failure as practice 400

I’ve been working on a poetry project centered around hope. I have a poem I’ve written, and I’m creating pictures to accompany some of the verses.

Taking a Fall Drive


We decided to enjoy the autumn leaves and scenery last weekend, and I was really blown away by the gorgeous colors.

Frugal But Fun Date Ideas

frugal date ideas

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fun when it comes to dating. Many midlifers are looking for ways to cut back, which includes date ideas cheap on the budget but long on fun. Dating can be expensive, especially when you’ve got things like child support, a slow economy, or [...]

5 Ways to Banish Self-Doubt

self dobut

There is an old saying that says sticks and bones may break your bones, but thoughts will never hurt you. In reality, words (even the words we tell ourselves), are powerful. If you consistently repeat negative thoughts in your head, you’ll begin to believe them. What’s more, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable with people [...]

5 Questions to Ask Before Becoming the Family Caregiver


If you’re thinking about becoming the family caregiver, you probably have questions and maybe even a few doubts. Getting support from your siblings and family is key, but so is finding out about all the resources you might have available to you. 

The Farmers Market


What is it about a farmer’s market? They’re so colorful, give off a relaxed vibe that makes you think you have all day to stroll and pick out veggies, and so inspiring for healthy living.

Biggest Profile Turn Offs to Women


If you’re thinking that there’s a lack of women online just because you aren’t hearing from them, think again. Chances are your profile might be turning women off, instead of on. See if you’ve committed one of these profile faux pas.