Saving Fall Leaves

fall leaves

Oh, how I love fall. I love everything about it… the weather, the colors, the falling leaves… And what I like to do is use those leaves for crafting and scrapbooking. I have a page in one of my scrapbooks that shows my husband outside blowing leaves, and the picture is so cool and then [...]

Bookworm Gardens


We recently stumbled upon the most adorable little place called Bookworm Gardens. We got there really by accident, but when I saw it had book-related stuff plus the glass and metal garden work I love so much, I knew we had to make a stop.

5 Family Traditions to Start Today


What better way to create a deeper bond with the members of your family than with new traditions? These are opportunities for everyone, young and old, to take part in a shared family activity.

Best Ways to Meet Singles In Fall

meeting singles in fall

The shifting leaves and cool breezes of autumn signify a change in the air. Why not take inspiration from that and change up your dating routine as well?

Stuff I Love: Veggetti, IKEA Cart, and More


If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ve noticed I do a poor writer’s version of Oprah’s favorite things. Except, these are mine. Many of them are not expensive. (Hence, poor writers can afford them.) Here’s the things I am grooving on lately. The Veggetti I thought this thing was so [...]

Linky Saturday: September, 2014


Unsettled seems to be my word for the second half of the year. In many ways, though, everything that has me unsettled is also a change that is moving me in a positive direction.

It All Boils Down to Faith

for god so loved the world500

Getting back into the swing of creating and crafting has been the theme this week, hasn’t it? Now that I’ve finally begun to get settled, I’m not about to stop!

Blue Glass Sculpture


I told you yesterday about how long and challenging the last few months have been. I was finally able to get back to painting. Now, I’ve finally started making glass sculptures again. They make me so happy!

Mini Canvases


It’s been a few really long, hard months. Lots of mostly good changes in my life and yet with them came big challenges, many of which left me feeling unsettled. So what do you do when you feel this way? I find that I need to find a way to connect to my soul, pray, listen to what God [...]

Labor Day Quotes


I hope you’re enjoying your day off today and spending time with family and friends (or just relaxing by yourself.) Labor Day is usually a day where we have a little fun and then also make a point to enjoy the down time. Life is so busy today and it’s nice to get a collective [...]