100 Simple Ways to Have More Friends


You guys! I’m excited for my latest book. It’s been a long time in coming and I think it’s one that many people will be able to find useful. It’s all about having more friends, and who doesn’t need that in this world?

New! Christian Art Greeting Cards

act justly standing

Many of you have asked about greeting cards made from my artwork. I love that you all are still sending cards. I am too. Don’t you think in this email/text/Facebook world that a handwritten card is so nice to get? If you’re like me, you keep cards from people, too.

The Smile

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About 15 or 20 years ago, I went through some bad stuff. When I came out of it, I thought that I had shame written across my face, that everyone who saw me could see what a loser I was. I felt worthless.

You Should Know

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We all have people in our lives who have been so negative and toxic with us that for our own safety and wellness we needed to distance ourselves from them. I never feel good about doing this, but I’ll admit that when I’ve cut the negativity from my life I am able to live more […]

Linky Saturday: August 1, 2015

linky saturday

This is actually the end of July post with those great artsy blogging links for the month. So pretend it’s still July.

Early Morning Choir


I never used to be a morning person. I am now a little bit more. I like getting up early and each morning I look forward to the birds singing. There is something so comforting about animals, with their way of moving forward with life and continuing on, no matter what is going on in […]

Sketches From When I Was a Kid


When I shared the post about sketches I sometimes do someone wrote and asked me if I always sketched or if it was a new thing since doing mixed media.

Holland Fest


Showed my art work and other fun crafty stuff at Holland Fest this weekend. What a blast! We had such a great time. We’ve done a few of these festivals here and there and this time I feel like we finally got the booth setup that works for us.

Zucchini Tots


As many of you know I’m a little obsessed with zucchini.



I think all of us have spent time… a lot of time…. more time than we should have…. on a situation that is really beyond our control. Someone accuses us of something, they don’t like us, they badmouth us… and it hurts. Especially when the person doing this is someone you personally cared about, and […]