Grateful For

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I try and do a daily gratitude practice, starting with thanking God each day for the chance to do it all again. But I also try to remain in the moment during the day, observing the small but important bits of my day that I find a blessing. Sometimes I take pictures of them to […]

Cranberry Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies With Oatmeal


I love the combination of oatmeal and dried cranberries in this recipe. Several months ago I listed dried cranberries in the “stuff I love” category, and then the next time I saw my friend Lisa she gave me some! Is that funny or what? So recently when I went over for a visit, I had […]


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I mentioned yesterday that one of the ways I get out of a funk this time of year is to paint and meditate on God’s word. I do this anyway, of course, but this time of year I am extra thankful for the ability to create art. It makes me feel good, gives me a […]

What Lies Do You Believe About Yourself?


I think there is value in talking about the things you went through in order to inspire others who are in that same place now. Not to talk about it because you’re stuck or you like to dwell on negativity, but to be real, to tell someone else to allow themselves to feel the hurt […]

Linky Saturday: December 6, 2014


What a great Saturday I had! Got a nice batch of St. Nick gifts from the hubby, including this sweet Kelly Rae Roberts ornament: Doesn’t it look cute on our tree? Then we met my mom for an early birthday celebration and more presents! How lucky I felt today, not about the presents but just about […]

Monster Scarves


Looking for a great gift for that geeky kid in your life? How about a monster scarf? I made these last year and have a few left over. They’re great for kids but a couple of my more geeky friends also requested them, so I suppose you could get them for that hard to buy for […]

Here Comes the Bride

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I’m working on a new series inspired by brides. I remember the day I got married so well. We had a small wedding by design so that we could have our closest friends and family near. It was cold that day, and I remember going to the reception with no coat on! I remember my […]

Blue Jean Baby

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I’ve been experimenting a lot with different styles. The more I do mixed media, the more I love it. The more I experiment, the more I stretch myself and discover new things about my art. I’m so enjoying it. For this set of pictures, I used my love of jeans and flowers and colors to […]

How to Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, filled with great food and time with family. But like any holiday, it can be stressful. We put the pressure on ourselves at times, but with the preparation, travel, and cooking, it can be enough to make anyone exhausted. Here are some tips for making Thanksgiving less stressful for you […]

Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful

My turkey plates are always a good conversation starter.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be about food, family, and gratefulness. But what sometimes happens is that the person preparing dinner stresses out about having a perfect meal, or people traveling get irritated at the time spent away from home. Rather than add negativity to Thanksgiving, here are some ways to put more meaning into the […]

Linky Saturday: November 15, 2014


This weekend I’ve made a point to cherish all the small things in my life. Every time I take the clothes out of the dryer, I think about how lucky I am that I’m able to do this, to take care of our home and look out over the snow fall in the backyard and […]

Grace and Hope

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Thinking a lot about grace and hope these days. I feel so blessed that God is there to blanket me with grace. I need it. Every single day. I’ve been trying to get prayer time in each morning because I feel like it really centers me to face the day. And I can always tell […]