Emotional Affairs: The Book


I first started writing about emotional affairs almost a decade ago. The subject was a work assignment, and as I continued to write about it I received emails and comments from people who had gone through it.

Viva la Eiffel Trifle!


I’m an Eiffel Tower nut. Seriously. I have them all over my house and can’t resist buying anything with the Eiffel Tower structure on it. Trinkets, stationery, you name it.

Recording My This I Believe Essay


I’m humbled today that my “This I Believe” essay is featured on the site’s homepage, along with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. Totally blown away by that, actually.

The Plans He Has for Us

for I know the plans I have for you500

I feel like I learn more about God and my life every moment, even in the art I create. As I ponder certain verses, I see His love and meaning more clearly each and every time I put color and images down on canvas.

Looking Back at 2014


Every year I do a wrap up of sorts. I look back on the previous year and reflect on things I’ve noticed or learned. I don’t do a theme or “word of the year” like some do. I guess I’m not that organized. But I do like to reflect for a moment before I can […]

Linky Saturday: January 2015


So many things going on these past few weeks. Still trying to get caught up. I’ve been enjoying a lot of good music while I work, though.

Alphabet Letters and Picture Wall


I have this picture wall in my bedroom that I’ve been slowly adding on to. And by slowly, I mean slooooooooowwwwwly. I wait until I find just the right frame cheap. Cheap is important to me. A few months ago I hung up a frame I loved. Isn’t it cute?     Mu hubs even […]

On Why Telling Your Story Matters


I was recently reminded about why it was so important to tell my story. We all have stories, all of us have unique experiences that shape who we are. Some of them are positive, wonderful and funny. Some of them are negative. They involve mistreatment and abuse and sadness. I don’t believe in telling your […]

Happy 2015


Did you have a nice near years? We had one of the best, in part because we took some time off and had a good old staycation.

Buh-Bye 2014

act justly love mercy cherie burbach500

Normally I do links on Saturdays here and there, but since I’m wrapping things up for the year I’ll post a few here now. Then I can wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and catch up with you again when 2015 rolls into town.

Salmon Chowder


A few months ago we were out and about and we stopped in a local deli-type place and got this amazing salmon chowder. I’ve been wanting to recreate this somehow myself and have been experimenting, and now I finally have one I like. So I have to share!