More Mirrors and Poetry

The other night I did some painting and made a few more mirrors. One of them is now my personal favorite. It has the colors I like, it contains lines from one of the favorite poems that I’ve written, and was one that I didn’t want to part with. But of course I am selling it on Etsy, because what am I going to do with all these mirrors I’m making?

I like the colors in this one and the simpler design. Some of the other ones have more going on, which is fine, but I think I prefer a less cluttered front. The lines are from my poem “Friendship” which was written many, many years ago but first published in my book, A New Dish in 2005.


is the one safe place to be entirely yourself.

Through the darkest periods,
through the times when you will be moody or crazy,
friends will overlook your shortcomings
and play up your strengths.

It is the place
to tell your worst joke,
the place that houses your secrets
the place that wraps a blanket of understanding
around all your troubles
the place that provides laughter through darkness
the place in which the picture you painted,
will be hung, and appreciated,
even if you yourself don’t think it’s worth appreciating.

It is the place
to bring your frown on a bad day
because it will be replaced with a smile.

Friendship is the place
in which shared laughter
is the most beautiful music of all.

It is the place
to announce aloud, your most sought after dream,
no matter how impossible,
no matter how crazy,
friends will help you launch your dreams
high into the sky
and even if that dream may fall
your friends
will hold out their hands
so your dream can land
in the open arms of their acceptance….

so you will have the courage
to launch them again.

Friendship is that place.

Excerpted from A New Dish, Copyright 2005

I also finished a mirror that featured lines from my poem, “If Life Were a Book.” This is a VERY old poem that I wrote about twenty years ago. It was first published in some contest a billion years ago, and then I included it in my book The Difference Now.


If life were a book,
and we could read ahead
to find out the ending,

the pages in between
would surely be filled with
kind words, love, and honesty.

instead we live day by day
reflecting back on the things we’ve done,
and, sometimes,
wondering why we did them.

Instead of realizing
that we do have the power
to write our own life’s story,
to control our own destiny,
we let life lead us around.

And we follow…
hoping that eventually we’ll end up
with a happy ending.

Excerpted from The Difference Now, Copyright 2004.

Both of these mirrors are currently up for sale in my Etsy store.

Incidentally, if you enjoy poetry, the winners for the O, Juliet Love Games were announced and yours truly won an honorable mention! I was thrilled. Check out my winning poem, “For True Love I Said a Prayer” as well as the other wonderful entries.


    • Cherie says

      That means a lot to me, Noreen, thank you. I really adore the work that you do, so I’ll take that as a big compliment!

  1. says

    I am truly loving your mirrors, Cherie! It’s got to be so uplifting to see such a beautiful frame and thought when you check your reflection…good vibes!

    • Cherie says

      Thanks, Cyndi!
      Exactly – why not put some good vibes out there instead of negative ones? We need more positive thoughts everyday.

  2. says

    I love your imagery of friendship as a place. As I read the poem, I am reminded of instances and friends who provided each special type of support or joy. Very thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing your talent with us 😉

  3. KathyB says

    A fine idea, so one sees poetic inspiration while looking in the mirror. Very cool. I especially enjoyed this poem, “If Life Were A Book”. Is this poem yours? Wonderful! I just visited a new website for all writers of poetry. Professional and amateur poets are invited to sign in (easy) and submit their OWN poems. Check it out at

  4. kim says

    Beautiful! I love them both- but I have to tell you that your poem about friendship brought tears to my eyes. I am feeling so grateful for friends lately- both online and in my daily life- and your words spoke to my heart.

    • Cherie says

      Aw, Kim… thanks, what a lovely thing to say. Yes, friends are important to me, also. I’m glad my words spoke to your heart! Your beautiful designs speak to mine. :)

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