Cthulhu Ski Mask for Halloween

My hubby spotted this crocheted Cthulhu ski mask online and wondered if I could make it for him. I tried to see if there were directions for this mask (there weren’t) and instead found another online that was similar but not the same. I made it, and didn’t like it. I tossed it.

I decided to just make a ski mask and then I could fudge the tentacles myself just by looking at what they did. Problem was, I couldn’t find a ski mask pattern I liked either! My hubby wanted eye holes, rather than an open bar across the eyes, and so I eventually just created a pattern myself to give me a base.


After I made the ski mask, I then crocheted the tubes for the tentacles and eyebrow. It took a couple hours to sew it all in place if you can believe it! But I was happy with it all when it was done. Problem was, when he tried it on I knew he needed something else to really set the costume off. I decided to make these Cthulhu mittens. I took a regular crocheted mitten pattern and then added curly tentacles to the end. I loved this effect and think it adds just a little bit extra to the costume. What do you think?


    • Cherie says

      Thanks! He does know how much work went into it. He kept saying, “thank you so much for doing this” while I was crocheted at night for weeks making it. Then the pattern wouldn’t turn out, and I would rip it apart and start over and he’d say, “I really appreciate this.” LOL! I’m lucky, he knows what goes in to this kind of stuff.

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