Estate Sale Chairs (3)

I’ve hit a snag. You know, I feel bad for all those folks who are looking at this project, because it really is an easy thing to do and these particular chairs just happen to have a unique (and rather lame) backing to them. So, if you’re thinking of doing this same type of project with a chair you find at a rummage or estate sale, do it! I promise you it’s very easy.

When I last left you, I had run out of staples. I got some more. Now, here’s what I’m dealing with. The chair backing has a tight (and cheap) board which leaves no room for batting or even much material.

So where do I attach it? I can try to nail right through the material and then glue on a finished piece of material from the back, but that could mean the front material would rip. I could drill a new hole in the back, but I have to be careful not to split the board.

I have very small nail gun (that works with my staple gun) but the nails don’t reach the backing properly. So my hubby is going to try and borrow a brad nailer from one of his buddies, and I’m going to see if that works.

So… a snag. But I’ll figure it out. These chairs (even with the material and batting) were so cheap that I’m not giving up on them because they were such a deal! Besides that, look how cute they are going to look:

(My dog likes them, too.)


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