New at About Friendship July 17, 2011

It’s been a great week over at About Friendship. Here are some of the new articles and blog posts you might have missed.

Negative Friends. Man, we know these people, right? They are the ones that just have nothing positive to say ever. How do they affect your life? If you have experience in dealing with a negative pal, share your experience and let others know what you did or said. You never know, you could help someone else out in the same situation.

Friendship Bracelets. Remember those funky beaded and string bracelets we all seemed to make as a kid? Well, they are so popular lately, and not just with kids. Adults are wearing and sharing them as well. I give some ideas on how to use them besides the obvious one: to wear on your wrist! Are you intrigued now?

Friendship Boundaries. Have you ever known someone that just seemed to push the boundaries of what was acceptable to you? Maybe they continually called late or showed up at your house unannounced. If you have some experience with this, you have an opportunity to share your experience. Again, your tips may help someone else.

Friendship Lessons From Introverts. Okay, I’m on a personal mission to dispel the notion that introverts are quiet, boring, people. Granted, our friendships are different than extroverts. We tend to have fewer but deeper friendships. But our personality can also help you make more friends, even if you are the biggest extrovert around. (Especially then!)

Meet New Friends While You Travel. One reader gives his tip for making pals on vacation.

Keeping Up With the Latest in Friendship. This is a great post because it gives you all the places where you can find things on the Friendship site.

Common Law. Looking for a new cop bromance show? Well, who isn’t, really? You might find the laughs you desire (along with the all important male bonding) with Common Law.

Horrible Bosses. I have yet to see this movie (although I really want to, it looks so cute) but I do have a few friendship-related thoughts on it.

Ever Been Unfriended By a Friend? I’ve done it, had it done, and will probably do both more in the future. How can it affect your friendship and how should you handle it? I share my thoughts.

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