Blue and Teal Garden Glass Sculpture

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m totally addicted to making these garden sculptures. I did one and now I want to do more. More I tell you! I have teal and blue accents outside on the porch so I thought it would be nice to make one with those colors.

I also wanted to use a glass insulator that I got at a flea market (it’s that teal thing in the lower corner.) These things come in different colors and are very cool for projects. I got mine for a buck but I’ve seen them for $10-15 places.



I’m testing out a different glue also.The last one did okay but I went through it fast and it took days to set properly. I’m going to see if this one works any better.



Put the glue around the edges…



… and on top of the other vase…



… and wait until it all dries.



In the meantime, I’m going to work on the top. I saw someone put a vase inside another vase on a similar sculpture, and I wanted to test it out with that light insulator. I put it inside a vase and glued the vase to a plate. I’m going to put this whole thing, along with another vase, on top of the other one so the glass goes from blue to teal.


IMG_1823 (1)

It’s humid and hot today – probably not the best day to do this. So it will take some time to set. I’ll check back in the next day or two when it’s finished to give you a final look.

UPDATE: Here’s the finished product.


Want more projects like this? You can find them in my book, Glass Sculptures: How to Make Beautiful Sculptures for the Garden Using Vases, Bowls, and Other Glass Pieces.




  1. says

    Cherie, that’s absolutely gorgeous! Even prettier, I think, than the red one. Both of those give me one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

    I also have to laugh at how many of us most have the exact same glass bits, especially the plates & serving bowls. Did everyone’s mother/grandmother have a fascination for them? I’ve got a good start on a sculpture just by digging out the ones I’ve kept forever ‘because they belonged to (fill in the blank)’ but will never use in a million years. Instead, I’ll build something that I can enjoy!

    Now it’s got me thinking…wonder if I could do something similar to end up with a plant stand, either for inside or outside? Hmmm….

    • Cherie says

      Yes, those glass plates are everywhere! I felt bad because I got about ten of them from an old lady who was getting rid of stuff at a rummage sale. She marked them for 10 cents a piece because she just wanted to get rid of them, but she did hope someone would “use” them. I told her I would use them, although I didn’t tell her I’d be gluing them to things for the outside! Then again, maybe she would have been happy they were going to get used anyways.

      YES, you could definitely make a plant stand out of it. Just make sure you get glue that can withstand moisture and it should work. Or, if you do it for the inside, you can leave one of the bowls up and sit the plant in it that way.

  2. says

    I saw these referred to as Garden Fancies in Better Homes and Gardens. I like that.

    I love the blue vases and how you’ve combined them. A planter would be really cool!

  3. kim says

    I love this one too- I can’t wait to see how it looks with the insulator inside the vase- how clever is that?? come on glue…..dry! :)

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