Popular Friendship Articles for December 2011

Wondering what’s popular over at About Friendship? Here are the most popular articles in the last month.

  • Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend – No surprise here. It’s gift giving season and you all want to get the very best present you can for your buddy. These are my suggestions.
  • Quotes About False Friends. – This article has been popular for quite a while, and I think it’s because when we extend our trust and accept someone new into our life, there is the possibility that they will disappoint us. Now, that isn’t to mean we shouldn’t make new friends, because we should. But we should know that sometimes negativity happens, and we’ve just got to deal with it and still move on and still get to know people and forgive their faults. (We’ve got ’em too.) The popularity of this article tells me that people are simply looking for some healing when they get burned.
  • What If You Have No Friends? – Getting more friends in your life is kind of like getting a new job: it’s always easier when you already have something to fall back on. If you don’t have any friends, it’s actually harder to meet new ones. Your current friends can often introduce you to new people. How to get more friends? I share my thoughts on this.
  • How to Apologize to a Friend – This has remained a popular article and I’m glad, because apologizing is a lost art. I hear so many people give lame apologizes to each other, and it really doesn’t help heal the argument.
  • Making Friends in a New City – Have you ever moved somewhere entirely new where you had to make all new friends? I did, and it was back before social networking. It was rough! I made a lot of new friends at work back then, and also quite a few at the health club. Here are my thoughts on meeting new friends.
  • Gift Ideas for Coworkers – Giving gifts can be tricky anyways, and if you’re working with someone you have to be careful you don’t offend.
  • Best Friend Quotes– Another list of popular quotes! I like that people are looking for ways to express their appreciation at having a best friend.

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