Play With Me! Play With Me Now

I think I’ve mentioned my writing partner, Genevieve, here a time or two. She’s absolutely hilarious and keeps me on track (or encourages me to actually step away from the keyboard) just when I need it. I’ve always been amazed at the empathy of dogs, but this one also demands attention when she feels I’ve spent too much time at the computer. I can’t exactly say she’s wrong, either.

Case in point, recently I was really logging the hours so I could possibly take some time off for the holidays. She obviously had had enough because when we went out she started barking her fool head off at her favorite tire. “Play with me! Play with me now!” (At least, that’s what I pictured her saying.)

I love the way her head turns up when she’s really howling and stressing her point, don’t you? Silly dawg.

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