Mixed Media: Addicted to Love

I’m playing with mixed media this week, and calling this one “Addicted to Love” after Robert Palmer’s famous video.

Of course, my girl here is just a little bit more frumpy than those girls in the video, but frumpy needs attention, too! LOL

I started with a canvas and put different papers on it, including music sheets, patterns, and book pages. Then I added some yellow, red, and orange color.



After that I started painting my girl. She has her hair slicked back and her eyes shut. Perhaps she is grooving out to Robert Palmer in her mind. You never know.



Finally, I added her lips and dress. She’s a bit “thick” around the middle. Then again, aren’t we all? But I like her anyways.



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    Aww, just in time for Valentine’s. I love the colors and the way you layered the background. I’m learning the hard way, that’s not as easy as it looks!

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      Sadly, working wives have sent the cost of lvniig sky high…and force other mothers to enter the work place simply to keep a roof over their heads. The double income family is a scourge that makes us all slaves to the economy. It renders having children difficult too…and drives down the birthrate.We should take a leaf out of the Victorian women’s book….and do unpaid charitable work outside the home…preferably in Christ’s name.

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      I have been following your pics thgruoh my friends on fb and totally enjoy everything you do. In looking at your photographs, it makes the person looking at them feel like they are right there and they are experiencing what is going on at the time of the photo. You totally capture the feelings of the subjects in your photos so well. I totally love #1 because, for someone that young, there is NO WAY anyone could have made her make that expression. It was priceless. That photo should be entered in the state fair photos, it would truly win 1st prize.Congratulations on your 1st year and may there be many many more.I follow you on fb & have definitely and will continue to share your info to everyone I know!!!!

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