Mixed Media: Superhero Glasses

I just picked up some 10 x 10 canvasses at Michael’s this week, and couldn’t wait to break into them. I started by covering the canvas with some different papers, book pages, and music sheets. Then I added some stamps and the beginnings of the face.

I liked where that “faith” stamp ended up, and I wanted it to be on her dress, but more subtlety than it was here. So I dabbed it with paper towel and water, and then painted the dress over it.



She started out blonde, but then I started to hate her coloring. So I added some darker color, but kept her eyes and skin really light. She instantly appeared to me like one of those chicks who wears just a little too much lipstick, a too-tight sweater, and glasses that look ridiculous but she loves them anyway. (I guess you can never stop being a writer, even when you’re crafting.)

So I started on her glasses, and I liked them because they looked like a superhero mask on her. Can you just see her flying in to help out a person in need?



I gave the picture to my writing partner Genevieve, and she gave it some serious consideration….



…. and then decided that it passed her muster.



  1. says

    What an intelligent dog and a wise art critic too. You will soon have enough of these powerful looking women for an exhibit. Wouldn’t that be a cool theme?

    • Cherie says

      What would we do without our doggies? LOL Thanks for the inspiration, Eileen! That would be very cool to do an exhibit. I would love that.

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