Gold Glass Sculpture for the House

I was at an estate sale late last year where I found all these cool gold glass items for super cheap. That big bowl you see was just a quarter, and the other pieces were between ten and five cents. Add to that, a few gold drinking glasses I found at Goodwill and you have all the pieces for my latest sculpture.

I was thinking this one could go inside our house. We’ve had the same thingy on our fireplace hearth for quite a while now, and I was looking for something to replace it. For some reason, we do have a lot of gold in our room. It was entirely by accident. We have some cool gold beads on our lamps, and a few of our pictures are in goldish frames. So I thought the sculpture would fit right in there. (Now you’re all picturing me living in a 1970s house, aren’t you? I promise it’s not… although it is hard to describe.)



Anyways, the sculpture was done in the usual fashion. First, I dry fit the pieces together and then glued. That big bowl made a good base.





What would a craft project be without my dog sicking in her nose in? (Literally.)  I know, I know… I’m a bit obsessed with my dog, but she cracks me up whenever I’m doing something like this because she has to be in the middle of it. Plus, that face says to me, “Why are you paying attention to these pieces of glass when you could be throwing a ball to me? Hmm?”




Back to the glass…. more gluing, and…




…. viola. Finished. I let it dry for two nights and then brought it inside.




As you can see, we don’t use our fireplace. So I’m putting this on the hearth for a while. If I get sick of it, I can always move it to the garden or somewhere else. My husband said this looked like a gold tree. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have a tree that produced gold?




At night I put a couple of those plastic tea lights (you can get them in a 3-pack at the dollar store) and lit the sculpture up. Hard to see on this picture, but it actually looked really cool. Plus, it was cheap! And my fireplace isn’t so boring anymore.





This project is featured in my book, Glass Sculptures: How to Make Beautiful Sculptures for the Garden Using Vases, Bowls, and Other Glass Pieces.


    • Cherie says

      I just placed them on the ledge in the back on the middle layer, and I put one underneath. I should have explained that better. So… no gluing. They are easy to move in and out.

    • Cherie says

      I know. It’s a little out of hand. I’ll have to take some pictures of them all up so you can see just how badly I need them to bring color to the yard. (I’m one of those folks who lack a green thumb.)

  1. veronica sepulveda says

    Hey..kudos on the scupture idea.. I have a question. The base of your sculpture, the bowl, can you tell me the maker of that bowl..or any info that bowl may have. The reason is m mother in law gave me a the same bowl as yours. She had it for all these years and pass it down to me. And while washing it Iit slipped and broke :/ Im on a mission to finding that bowl and buying plz if you can help me. .I will be so thankful.

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