Green and Gold Glass Sculpture

It was bound to happen sooner or later. You take a Packer fan who is obsessed with making glass sculptures, and eventually you’ll get one with green and gold pieces. Was it intentional? Designed to fit in with the start of football season? Beats me. But one day I was looking at my glass stash (bad enough we all have a craft stash but now I have cheap glass pieces stacked here and there besides) and noticed how cool the green and gold looked together.

So I gathered them up for a small sculpture. I had one spot by my porch that looked bare and could use some color.




Genevieve wasn’t available to consult about the design this time, but I made sure to ask the tiki man his thoughts instead. He overhears my conversations with Gen anyways.




A few weeks ago I picked up this big gold vase. It’s very heavy which means it’s good for using as a base.



I stacked and glued…


… and when I was finished…



… I didn’t like it. (By the way, do you love the stand in the background with the dried out plants? We all have our strengths! Gardening isn’t mine. But I think you guessed that already, didn’t you?)

Back to the sculpture… I thought it was… what?… too boring maybe. Am I getting too used to making bigger sculptures? Am I tired of making them? Have I reached (gasp!) my limit of glass sculptures? I doubt it. Since the cooler months are marching quickly on their way, I won’t have an opportunity to do as many, so I’ve got to take advantage of them now.

No, I don’t know what it was… just didn’t love it. But I still put it in the spot I had in mind, and it seemed to fit in there and serve its purpose.




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