New Paintings: Yellow and Blue and Birdies

I’ve been working on some new paintings this. Many times I get on a “kick” with backgrounds and themes. This week I was obsessed with the color yellow and birds. I love birds, and this week couldn’t help including them in my paintings.

This is a small 4×4 inch picture that I’m going to put up at my desk. I call it “Curtesy” based on a word that was included from a book page.



I call this one “Nerdy Girls” mostly because, I love nerdy girls! I picture these two kicking butt at trivia.


nerdy girls


  1. says

    I read that yellow is always a good color as a base for mixed media. Like you say, it makes everything pop. These are great examples of that concept. I love the nerdy girls. They make me smile too.

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