Painted Glass Beaded Mushrooms for the Garden

The weather is getting cooler! That means there is less time for me to make glass sculptures. This week I concentrated on some glass mushrooms, which I leave out all year in my garden, even during the rough Midwest winters. They add some nice color to my yard and sparkle, especially when the suns rays hit them in the afternoon.

I also like that they use up recycled materials. For the mushrooms, I get some old glass sundae or dessert cups and small bowls. I find them everywhere cheap: Goodwill, rummages, estate sales… there’s no shortage of them. In fact, you’ve probably got one or two in your cupboard you could recycle this way as well.


I liked how one of them was a old Hershey’s dessert glass.


I use Martha Stewart paint and it works really well. You just need to give it a few days to dry fully.


One thing I like about this project is that it’s very freeing. You can paint any color or design you’d like. In fact, the more colorful or unusual, the better. For this project, though, I just used some nice bright colors.


I glued them together, then added glass beads to the top.



How can anything look bad if you use glass beads? They are like craft project elixir. Me and glass beads go together like Ina Garten and butter.

When the beads and glass were dry, I put them out in the yard.





Want more projects like this? You can find them in my book, Glass Sculptures: How to Make Beautiful Sculptures for the Garden Using Vases, Bowls, and Other Glass Pieces.


  1. says

    Those are really neat, Cherie. The colors are great and they look terrific in the garden.

    You think I might have some of those bowls in my cupboard, huh? You’re right. I have 16 of those “cut glass” bowls with the scalloped edges. They came as part of salad sets given away by Kohl’s supermarket (92nd Street and Lisbon Ave.(?) – right near Margaret Mary Church). I collected them when I was putting together my trousseau almost 50 years ago. I guess that makes them antiques, right 😉

    • Cherie says

      I know exactly where that Kohl’s location was! I think there’s a Sentry in its place now.

      lol – yeah, I guess 50 years does make it antique! But you’re definitely not antique!

  2. says

    Cherie, it’s simply all your fault! I can never look at old glassware the same way again since you started posting all these glass sculpture ideas!

  3. says

    Cherie your mushrooms are awesome. I showed your blue glass sculpture to my daughter-in-law to be and she loved it. She does glass sculpture also. I will show her these too.

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