New Articles for October 13, 2012

Hey Guys! Thanks for all the emails over the last couple of weeks. Several of you wrote to ask me where I was. I’m here! I’m here.  Just doing some intense projects for clients. My joke with some of my writer friends is that I haven’t even had time to pee. TMI? Well, you know how it is when it’s just you and a computer for days on end. You get a little goofy.

Some of you wondered if I was still blogging. As I mentioned a while back, I have (for now) put my own blogs into semi-retirement. This means they are up and thriving, but I’m not actively writing on them for now. They have a wealth of info on them, and by the looks of it their stats have remained solid. So I’ll keep them around for a very long time because one of my writing rules is that you always have a place to publish your ideas and words. That’s because you never know what will happen with clients or the freelance market, and you need an outlet where you can be creative and also make money.

In other words? My blogs ain’t going nowhere!

For now, I am focusing on my clients, as well as my artwork and fiction. So if you want to catch up with me, you can do it here, through Twitter, or on my daily friendship blog. But feel free to contact me if you have questions or just want to chat. It’s nice to hear from you all, even if I’m not always able to write you back. I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to write.

Incidentally, as I write this, it’s rainy here and my solar-powered dog is feeling like this:

I can relate.

I’ve started working on a “quote of the day” feature at About Friendship, where you can have one quote delivered every day to you that relates to friendships and life.

Also, be sure to visit me and the other great writers at The Barn Door, where so far I’ve talked about Paris Posters from the Art Museum and the Road to the Soup-er Bowl. (You know how much I like to talk about football and soup.)

If you’re interested, here a few of the articles I’ve written over the last month or so.





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