Clear Glass Sculptures With Teal Solar Light and Beads

It all started with this giant clear vase. I found this at an estate sale for $1. It’s huge. And I knew it would make a good base for a sculpture. Plus, I had an identical vase that was smaller. So I put the two together, along with some plates and beads, to create a new glass sculpture.




I liked the other clear sculpture I did, and I’ve been wanting to do another clear one for a while now. I also have a couple leftover solar lights that have cracked teal glass on the side.

So I glued. And layered. It was so sunny out that day I had a hard time seeing against the glare from the plates. But let’s face it, I’ve made so many of these I can probably glue glass together in my sleep. Then again, maybe I do glue in my sleep. Hmm…




I added a couple nice glass bowls I had found.






Then I noticed on one of the plates that it had these cute flower-looking things on it.




You know what I was thinking? Glass beads! Because you know what they say about glass beads, they make everything better. Okay, maybe I’m the only one that says that.

I also added beads to the edge where I put the solar light.




I put the solar light inside a glass, and glued it to the top.




After we got inside, Genevieve reminded me that I added a couple FAQs about glass sculptures, too.



Would you believe I actually get a lot of questions about them? The most common ones asked are which glue I use and where I get all the glass pieces. If you’re interested, check out the answers. If not, how about if we meet back here in a couple days or so? Sound good?


Want more projects like this? You can find them in my book, Glass Sculptures: How to Make Beautiful Sculptures for the Garden Using Vases, Bowls, and Other Glass Pieces.




  1. says

    We need a slogan like, “When life is dreadfully dull, add some sparkly beads.”

    Thanks for the glue tips. There are so many household glues, it’s hard to know what will work.

  2. says

    Hi,I’ve been making these for a couple years,love the look in the garden,nice effort! This is the first time Ive seen anything similar,check out my website, its nothing fancy but we are getting there :)

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