Where I Work

About a year ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long already!) I met up with a group of writers, and someone there asked us each to bring in a picture of where we work. This is the picture I brought in.


I’m lucky to have a home office. We have this extra kind of space in our house and it works perfectly for my desk.

As you can see, it’s a bit messy. It gets this way when I’m really busy, so I guess that’s a good thing. In the early days when I was building my freelance business I had a clean desk and no clients. I’d rather have clients and a little “stuff” here and there.

I have the basics that every writer needs:

  • tissues on the left (for frequent sneezes or crying over rejections! LOL)
  • aspirin on the right
  • dog treats for the pup
  • an Eiffel Tower on top of my computer monitor (inspiration to keep making money so I can go back to Paris)
  • my vitamins and bills
  • hand crème
  • post it notes

I have a lot pictures up here and there, of me and the hubs, me and my sister, our doggie, and my grandparents.

I also have encouraging notes posted here that I get from people. Some are from readers, some from other writers, and some from my hubby. I appreciate words of encouragement, and post them up because as a writer the job is usually filled with rejections more than assignments. (The nature of the beast.)

A have a digital camera right at my desk, which as a blogger is very important. You’ll notice I have my garbage can on top of my desk (and yes, it is usually always full. Why do garbage cans fill up so quickly?) We needed to put it on top because try as we might, the dog would not keep her nose out of it. Luckily all that’s ever in there is paper.

If I pulled out further on this picture, you’d see the artwork I have up or other knickknacks. But this gives you a flavor for it. I have a comfy chair and I sit in this space and write and write and write.

One reason I wanted to post this is because one thing I hear people talk about is “being inspired” to write or “finding the muse.” Here’s the thing. Writing is a job for me. I get up, go to my desk, and do it. If you choose writing as your job, that’s what you should do. Oh, I know, there will be times when you’re inspired and where you’ll sit in a comfy chair and pen that great American novel, but there will be other times when you sit at a desk like this and just work. This is what I do most days.

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