New Friendship, Dating, and Lifestyle Articles for November 8, 2012

Been busy trying to work ahead so I can take a couple weeks off during the holidays. Think I can pull it off? I’m not so sure. In the seven years I’ve been freelancing, I’ve never taken more than a day or two off. But I’m hopeful!

In the meantime, I’ll share a favorite picture of my writing partner, Genevieve:

That’s my head in the picture. Pony tail time!

What have you all been up to? I get the sweetest emails and comments from you – thank you so much! I am filled with gratitude with the people that take the time to do that. I really am. When you’re a writer you sit in front of your computer screen, usually all alone and wondering where those words of yours are going. It’s awesome when someone tells you those words made a positive impact in some way. What a blessing!

Speaking of words, here’s a few I wrote recently for different clients. Check them out if you get a chance.




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