New Friendship, Dating, and Lifestyle Articles for January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Doesn’t this day inspire you to do great things? I wrote an article this morning about just some of the amazing MLK, Jr. quotes out there and I could have probably listed a whole bunch more. It’s an amazing time to look back at what an impact he had on our world and society. Now, as I am firmly in the grips of midlife myself, I can relate to his words and actions in a completely new way.

It’s easy to read about the things MLK said and how they make sense as the only right way to approach others: with forgiveness and decency. But back then? In the turbulent 60s? It was even more profound.

I try to promote these concepts, which are inspired by Christianity, in my writing as well. I try to help those who perhaps really don’t know how to be a friend or how to get along with people. It’s hard. Don’t we all have someone that we wish we could get along with better? Perhaps someone that won’t allow you to move forward because they make things up about you, attack you verbally or physically, or just prefer to live off the drama of anger rather than live in peace with you.

When this happens, when I’m attacked, I retreat. I don’t stand and yell and argue. I’m wired differently. I go home and retreat like a turtle, into my shell where I remain silent and try to figure out what just happened. But even then, this message of forgiveness is the only one that makes sense. Otherwise this hurt that someone has done to you stays around like an open wound. Life is too beautiful to let that happen.

Here are some of the new articles I’ve written over the past month or so. Also, if you need friendship-related advice, you can ask using this form. Many blessings to you all!




And in keeping with my tradition of sharing a picture of my writing partner, here she is with a new bed that she loves.


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