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This week I was goofing around with some materials I’ve had laying around. Sometimes this works out well, and as you can see by my experience here, sometimes not so much. It all started because I had this old frame that I got from a rummage sale for 25 cents. It was brown and kind of ugly, but I couldn’t leave it there. It had no back, but I figured I could do something with it. You know these moments. You’ve had them too if you’re a crafter. If you see something with potential (and it’s cheap) you hold on to it.

I also happened to have an old piece of foam core and these cute little alligator clips. I got all very cheap. The clips I got at American Science and Surplus for a buck each.


I took a look at all of these things and said, “I can make something here.” I am also in the process of re-organizing my office. I’ve made new storage-y things, moved things around, and thought that it would be nice to have a place just to put a couple pictures.


So I painted the frame an off-white. I then cut the foam core to fit the back of the frame (which had no backing). This part was easy. Then I took off the suction thingy’s on the alligator clips, and my hubby (who doesn’t like me playing with power tools) helped me out by screwing them in to the edges.


Then I had this:


So far so good, except that now it’s time to add the pictures:


And when I set the thing upright onto a plate holder, you can see the problem:


The pictures swing all over, and then end up on top of each other. Gee, this project seemed like such a good idea when I was looking at all the pieces. In reflecting back, I would have done something different. For now, though, this board is holding pictures that I don’t have room for anywhere else. They’ll probably stay there until I can think of something, because I know I won’t keep this lame thing forever. Sigh….



  1. says

    The way you ended this, Cherie, you just know you’re gonna get lots of ideas from us other crafty peeps with our own stashes, right?

    I love the alligator clip idea. Did you consider just attaching them to the backing so they could swivel individually but not slide all over? Staggered all over, they could accommodate just about anything you’d want to display.

    You’ve got a cool thing going there – just a few tweaks and it will be brilliant!

    • Cherie says

      I like the idea of staggering them, Eileen. I didn’t think of that. Those clips were so cheap I had to buy them! Maybe I can still salvage it by doing that…. Hmm…

  2. says

    I like it! I sorta like how they all jumble together, but that’s how most things in my life are jumbled. How about sticking some large beads along the wire to act as stops?

    The idea is definitely a great one!

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