New Friendship, Dating, and Lifestyle Articles for February 20, 2013

The winter months drag on here. Today, there’s an icy wind and some snow expected in the forecast. Days like these make me want to cuddle under a warm blanket and read a book! Too bad I don’t have time for that. How about writing a book instead? Or an article or two? That I can make happen.


As I mentioned in my favorite writing moments of last year post, I planned to start a lifestyle blog and now I have. It’s called 21 Simple Things (and if you’re interested in why I called it that, I have a reason) and it has 21 different areas having to do with improving your life. I’ve always wanted to start a lifestyle blog and I’ve been getting tons of guest post requests in, too. If you’re interested in writing there, here’s what you need to do. This is a newish blog, only a month or so old, so I’m building traffic. But it’s coming along and I’m very happy with it.

I’ve been busy writing articles, and just penned one for The Barn Door about my favorite Super Bowl ad and what it meant to me. The ad really sparked memories of someone special to me and I write about how that person influences me even now. Another hint: it has to do with this picture:


Here are a few other articles I’ve written in the last month:






To continue my tradition of sharing a new picture of my very busy writing partner, here’s one of a brand new toy which she had for about a minute before she destroyed it. But she had a blast until then.


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