Artsy Blogging Links for February 23, 2013

Today I spent the morning cleaning out my pantry. I took out every spice, checked the expiration dates, and scrubbed everything down. I even put it back in alphabetical order and when I look in there now it just seems so happy and in order.

I clean when I’m thinking through some things. Or when I’m upset. I like the way a cleaning project can help you mentally organize some thoughts you’re having. It’s like you’re re-organizing your perspective just as much as you are your cupboard!

When I was done cleaning, I checked out these artsy blogger links and got lots of inspiration for new projects. Don’t you love the creativity of others?


June’s first journal page in over a year.


Art quilting design help for beginners 
Cyndi has the opportunity to review a wonderful new book on art quilting design and techniques.


Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world 
This week at Craftside there are two sketching-on-the-go tips, an idea for using t-shirt iron on transfer paper to create art, how to make a rolled fabric rosette, details about Susan Schwake’s teaching events in Los Vegas and a recipe for bacon-wrapped dates with lemon aioli.


Free Beads Leaving Soon! 
February is a short month, so do not space out and forget to enter to win some gorgeous lampwork beads over at the Crafty Princess Diaries.


Rainbow Craft Challenge 
Drop by the Family Crafts site and check out some fun rainbow crafts and then take a moment to share yours.


Think Spring and Read How to Preserve Purple Iris 
Iris are among the trickier flowers to preserve in 3D but don’t let peoplw tell you it can’t be done. Here are the secrets for iris and many other delicate blooms.


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