New Friendship, Dating, and Lifestyle Articles for March 24, 2013

And here I am a broken record. The winter has dragged on. And on. There’s been some hilarious news stories popping up lately about people seeking the death penalty for poor Punxsutawney Phil, who wrongly predicted an early spring.

Of course, long winters aren’t new for my neck of the woods. Once, when I was a kid we had a huge snowstorm in the middle of April. I was off school and we had to eat all the ice cream from the freezer because the power was out. My dad had to walk home from work. I wrote a short story about it once. I may share it with you one day. For now, here’s some other articles I’ve written in the last month. Feel free to visit them if you’re so inclined.

In keeping with tradition, here’s a couple pictures of my writing partner, Genevieve. She’s sick of winter, too, although she is enjoying the new afghan I made. Small comforts.







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