Artsy Mushroom Postcard

I’m participating in June (A Creative Dreamer’s) call for postcard art. The gist of it is this: we get a name of someone and create a postcard from scratch for them using our own art techniques, and then mail it to the person’s name we get. We, in turn, get a postcard from someone participating as well.

You give and get and create in the process. Not bad.

I’m working on my postcard now, and I’ll have a step by step for you in the next couple days or so, but in the meantime, June sent all of us a postcard from her as a thank you and for inspiration. You know I love her artwork, right?

home sweet home-001

There was just something about that picture I was drawn to. Well, it turns out I did get that postcard! Yay! And when I thanked June for it, she mentioned that she sent it in part because of the glass mushrooms I’ve been making (like these and these).

Of course, I’d have been happy with anything she decided to send. I really do find inspiration in her work (like her journaling and ornament projects). A few months ago I won a little glittery house she made and put it on our end table so I could look at it all through the holidays.

As for her postcard? I have it right in front of me at my desk along with all the essentials (treats for my writing partner Genevieve, post-it markers for editing my work, the basket that holds all my aspirin and hand cream, my Bonne Bell lip gloss, and all the encouraging notes I put up on my computer screen). It’s right there with all the essentials! Thank you again, June!


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    Cherie… how sweet of you to be so very flattering! I’m so glad you liked the mushroom house… like I said, it was inspired by the garden mushrooms you make so it seemed perfect. The postcard looks like it made the journey to Wisconsin pretty much unscathed… that’s pretty impressive! I’m so glad to know that I can inspire you, as you inspire me so much!

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