Artsy Blogging Links for April 27, 2013

Welcome to the weekend. It’s finally starting to get nice around these parts, so if all things go well I might be able to do some glass sculptures.

I’ve been in a funk this week, in part because I’ve got a lot of changes coming my way. Life is full of change, of course, but sometimes it feels like it all happens at once. I’m doing a lot of praying (for patience, trust) and I’ve been feeling plenty of thankfulness in addition to the tears that have come my way. It’s been one of those kind of weeks, where you’re knocked off your feet by the changing landscape and also the kindness of friends and family.

It makes you happy for the goodness in the world, and in challenging times it can be rough to see where the goodness really is, but it’s there, waiting for you to slow down, turn around, and embrace it.

In times like this, being creative really helps put things in perspective. What a good time to take a look at some artsy blogging links.


6 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas for Kids to Make 
Here are 6 fun and easy crafts your kids can make to give as Mother’s Day crafts.


June’s made an awful lot of mail art of late… come see!


Crafting on the Go Solutions 
Are you trying to figure out a way to keep your crafting handy at all times? The Crafty Princess shares her recently discovered solution for this.


Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world 
This week at Craftside there is tutorial on how to draw a motorcycle, tips on working with stencils, info on leather finishes and tanning processes and how to turn a baked potato from a fast carb into a slow carb.


Dinosaur Cake Pops 
Enjoy this fun birthday party idea–dinosaur cake pops!


Mixed Media Artist 
When you find yourself too distracted to make art, try making chocolate whiskey fudge instead!


Saturday May 4 is National Scrapbooking Day 
Here are some easy scrapbook ideas. Digital layout templates allow anyone to do beautiful scrapbook layouts; or scraplift the design to do a paper one.


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