Postcard Art

I’ve been participating in June’s postcard art challenge, and what fun this has been. It’s even better because I’ve been sitting here with June’s gift to us as inspiration each day. It’s right in front of me, and I get a smile each time I see it.

Here’s the postcard I’ll be mailing to my recipient, Deb. It’s been a while since I did a step by step like this, but my process hasn’t changed much in the last year or so.

First, measure a piece of thick paper to fit a postcard size picture. In this case, 4×6.


Then, get that boring background out of there by adding some collage materials.


Next, brayer paint on the background. In this case, I used green and gold. Packer colors! Well, not really.


Then, I added some more paint and a few pattern pieces on.


Of course I’m putting a girl on here. You know I can’t resist painting them. Here comes the head:


Firming in the face and neck:


The beginnings of a face. At this point, I’m always amazed at how scary my girls look!


Turns out all they need is some makeup and eyelashes. Don’t we all. Of course, eyebrows don’t hurt, either. This is where I love using my gelato pens for detail on the hair.


Finally, adding some gold flecks in her hair, glasses, and necklace. Also got some new stamps so I had to try them out with blue ink and the word “beautiful.”




Hope Deb likes it!


  1. says

    LOL… I love the line.. “Then, get that boring background out of there by adding some collage materials.”

    I know exactly what you mean! Boring or intimidating.. it has to go! These both look great, what you sent and what Barb sent to you… It’s great to think all this art passed unfettered through the mail!

    • Cherie says

      I can’t even remember how I was able to paint on a plain canvas anymore. :) Yes, I can’t believe how “in tact” these postcards came through the mail. I hope the postal carriers had as much fun seeing these as we did.

  2. says

    Cherie I’m so glad you received your art in good shape it was so much fun and really glad that you were my art exchange! June is such a cool chic!!! Can’t wait to do this again!!

    • Cherie says

      June is a very cool chick indeed! I was impressed with your card. Loved the design and it came through so well, you’d have never known it was sent through the mail like that.

  3. says


    Received my postcard!!!!! She’s just lovely! Thank you so much!!! I loved reading this post to see how she came to ‘life’! Hugs! deb

    • Cherie says

      Deb! I’m so happy you liked it! I’m also glad it arrived in one place. Isn’t it amazing how far these postcards all traveled and they all made it in one piece?

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