New Prints Available This Week: Art and Poetry

This week I’m finishing up a few more of my “strong women” pictures. I’ve been turning my focus toward more “universal” images, but I had started these and wanted to finish them before I moved on to some new pictures.

The first one is a redo of a picture I painted last year. I called it “Addicted to Love” because the girl reminded me of one of Robert Palmer’s models from that video. But as time went on, I wanted to add some words, and I thought the beginnings of my poem “Dear Women” would fit perfectly. The poem is from my book Yes, You.



The next picture also has some of my poetry on it. The words are from “Friendship” which was first published in my book A New Dish and is now available in New and Selected Poems. It’s funny that I wrote about friendship way back in 2005 and now here I am writing about it professionally. I think I’ve always enjoyed that subject. It’s fascinating what happens between friends, and how we’re always trying to meet, figure out, and spend time with friends.



The next pictures are of girls with “hope” and “faith” as part of their necklaces.





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