Stuff I Love: 10 Things I’m Just Obsessed With

Do you ever get obsessed with something? Like you love it so much you just can’t get enough? I’ve got a few of those types of things marching their way through my life. (And no, making glass sculptures isn’t even on the list! And here you thought you knew me so well.)

Here’s all the posts in this series. And now, the latest ten things I just love:



I talked about the dandelions in my yard the other day but I have to mention them again because I love their color. They give me this burst of brightness whenever I head outside and fill me with a sense of nostalgia in memories of my grandma. We used to braid them and put them in our hair when I was a girl. I loved that.

Jack LaLane Juicer

I’ve been juicing for a while now, and love it so much! Man, it’s fun. Plus, I love the thought that I’m getting more vitamins in my system because of it. I love experimenting with things I wouldn’t normally eat (hello kale, I’m talking to you) and with how fabulous it all tastes in the juicer.

I had a crappy juicer for awhile and finally broke down and bought a Jack LaLane juicer. It’s a powerful machine, which I like, and they also give you ideas for how to use the leftover pulp (like in quiches, lasagna, soups, meatloaf, etc.)

My Big Giant Teacup Planter

I saw this teacup planter thing all over the place last year but (in typical fashion) I was too cheap to buy. It was even too expensive at Walmart. I loved it but didn’t love it that much. Or did I? When I didn’t buy it (and my husband told me every chance he got to “just get it already!) I thought about it all the time. I’d say, “I should have got it” after I got home from seeing it somewhere. But I was too cheap.

As a result? I was obsessed! So now I finally got it for the low low price of $9.99. Aldi, baby! You can’t beat ’em.

Dead Giveaway

I’ve been sickened and sad over this story about those three girls who were held captive (and worse) in Cleveland. Haven’t you? Haven’t you sat and cried and prayed over these three women, who need our blessings and prayers and love so badly?

Their story isn’t over, of course. They have challenges ahead of them, and I hope we will all continue to remember that and pray for them. Pull for them.

One thing that struck me in the midst of this story, that despite that evil man that did this, there was another man who did the right thing. He let them out. Called 911. Became a hero and an Internet sensation. There were some who posted stories about his past, but you know what? I think that’s wrong. This man, Charles Ramsey, was thrust into the spotlight because of a good thing, a heroic act, and to have some media outlets talking about the negative? He didn’t deserve that.

Now let’s switch gears here. Let’s celebrate the goodness, because as we know, the goodness doesn’t get enough press. One thing that I’m obsessed with lately is the remix they did from Ramsey’s initial interview on TV. Have you seen it?  It’s really amazing.

Here’s what I love: They took his natural speech, voice, words, and made music from this. There is a talent in that, folks! A gift. It reminds us that our voices and words can resonate so much with people. We don’t have to auto-tune our voices to get that to happen, but I have to say I was impressed with whoever did this remix version. Bravo.

What’s So Amazing About Grace

Someone in our church group mentioned this book months ago, and I finally got around to reading it. Wow. The author, Philip Yancey, eloquently describes grace, using current events and Biblical references and common sense.

I loved this book so much. I would read it right before I went to bed, and then nudge my hubby every time I read something I couldn’t get enough of, and he’d roll over and say “that’s nice” and go back to sleep! LOL Do you love that or what?

Gelato Pens

Somewhere, several months ago, I picked up two gelato pens: a black one and and a white one. I loved them. I use them to add texture to my artwork, and when I glide that pen over the collage I have on canvas it creates such wonderful depth. You can add water to it, and smooth it out. You can rub it in, and create yet a different texture.

The problem was, I wanted another one (a red one) and couldn’t find them. Anywhere. I checked Michaels and JoAnns and the little artsy joints and the big art center in town (where they have literally everything else related to art) and couldn’t find them. Sigh.

Every time we’d go in someplace looking for these pens, my hubby would say, just order it online. Why didn’t I want to do this? I have no idea. But I finally did.  Try one of these pens and see if you don’t love it. I’m obsessed.

Glasses Shop

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but my new obsession is Glasses Shop online. Glasses are usually so expensive! And if you want anti-glare or some other thing, forget it. Outrageous price.

So I saw this thing online and realized the glasses were like $20 and thought, are you kidding? For $20 I can throw them out if they suck.

But they didn’t suck. You give your prescription and they make a pair of glasses for you. I’ve bought five total pairs (different styles and one pair of prescription sunglasses) for just $100. Five pair for that price! (Here’s a code you can use if you’re new: INVT8OD96WISH. Try it out.)


The fact that you can plant a bulb into the ground and it will come up, all colorful and beautiful, all on its own is pretty amazing to me. I’m enjoying these in our yard.

Third Day

I’ve really become obsessed with this band’s music the last few years. I’ve always found it inspiring, but lately it’s all I want to listen to. I rarely listen to music while I work, but since I listen to Third Day so much it has begun to soothe me while I write, like a familiar rhythm that comforts you. I used to only find that in classical music.

I don’t have all their albums (yet), but I do love Revelation and lately, Miracle. I find that their music lifts me up, makes me think, brings me soy, and taps into my emotions on a very deep level.

Solar Lights

In general, I just love solar lights and this time of year I ended up buying them wherever I go. I enjoy the thought of something that cuts through the darkness just by being filled with energy by the light. I’ve made a few solar lights and love picking up a few at the dollar store to craft with. They have them in silver, blue, and pink.

The latest ones I got were these string lights which look really cute on various garden chotchkies in the yard. I also have a few flower solar lights which light up in bright colors and makes our garden look so alive at night.


  1. says

    Loved reading your list, Cherie. What fun!

    While I can’t bring myself to get excited about dandelions yet, I do think I’ll get my juicer out today and give it a whirl, then check out the eye glasses site. Sounds like a tremendous tip!

    • Cherie says

      I’ll raise my glass of juice to you in salute, Lori! And yes, do check out the glasses site. You’ll see why I’m obsessed. Also, I can’t blame you at all for not loving the dandelions. I honestly don’t know why they appeal to me so much. :)

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