The Standout Commercials of 2013

I like commercials. I know, I’m one of the few. It’s a background in marketing, I suppose, and a curiosity about what people are doing to get noticed. As an author, I’m forced to get noticed. I can’t write in a vacuum and expect readers to find me. I have to get involved in promotion.

So I’m intrigued by what others do to promote their brands and products. We see so much promotion all the time that when something actually stands out, it’s time to understand why.

To that end, I enjoyed this MSN Money article that talked about the best commercials of the year.

The Dove Real Beauty Campaign

One of the ads they highlighted was the Dove Real Beauty Sketches. I talked about this commercial back in April, and when I first saw the video, it brought tears to my eyes. That’s how moving it is. That’s how deeply felt the sentiment was. I like the Dove Real Beauty Campaign as a whole, because I think too often we go to extremes. To tell women how beautiful they are, we either put our looks up on a pedestal or ignore them completely. We tell women that either they should be thin and pretty or not bother and be smart. These extremes aren’t true.

dove real beauty

The reality is, women do want to feel beautiful. They want to see themselves as their husbands do. But the kicker is that women already are beautiful on the outside just as much as they are on the inside. You don’t have to be pretty or smart. You can be beautiful and intelligent together. This commercial helped show that.

God Made a Farmer

Another ad that was mentioned was the Ram trucks commercial that featured Paul Harvey’s “God Made a Farmer.” This ad is a standout for me as well, which I wrote about at the Barn Door back in February.  It’s also a commercial I’ve talked a lot about with people and got letters from readers about. People really resonated with the sentiment, and many people started conversations about their ancestors. I hope they re-run it during the next Super Bowl, don’t you?


One commercial that wasn’t mentioned in the article was “Giving,” and this one, too, pulled at the heartstrings. It’s all about giving without expectation, and then getting the greatest gift you could ever ask for later down the line.

Which were some of your favorite commercials of 2013?


  1. says

    I agree, all three great ads. The Dove one got a lot of push back from what I saw online. The argument was that the company is owned by a company that pushes lots of weight loss and change-your-appearance products. But I like to take it at face value. If it helps a few women think twice about how they feel about themselves, then I think it’s a good thing.

    • GeekGirl says

      That’s so funny, I never saw the pushback, but it doesn’t surprise me. I think any time there is a group of people that like something there will be others who try to find fault. I think this commercial really hit home for a lot of men and women.

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