Spring Postcard Art

My artsy blogging pal June is having another postcard art exchange, and the theme this time was spring. Boy, do we need it. As I write this, snow covers the ground. As in, snow on April 15th. Although you know what? One of the biggest snowstorms we had as a kid was in April. So it happens.

When I think of spring, I think of the tulips coming through in our backyard. So to start the postcard, I printed out pictures of the flowers I took last year.


Then I glued lots of stuff on top… things like music paper and pink and light green tissue paper. I especially loved the tissue paper.





Of course I included one of my pink flamingos. We have them all over the yard. I really love the cheesiness they bring.


I let it all dry and also put it under stuff to flatten it. I took a couple small doilies I had and stamped the word “spring” on them.


On the back, I painted it yellow and drew a little frame for the address spot.


I’m mailing one to June and Michele, my art exchange partner.

spring postcard 1

spring postcard 2


    • GeekGirl says

      Yay! Another pink flamingo fan! They really call up a cheesy quality you just don’t quite get with any other lawn ornament. :)

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