Get More Responses to an Online Ad

Think your profile could use a little work? Here are some tips to make your ad stand out from the rest.


Online dating is a great way to meet single people. Unless, that is, no one responds to your ad. Then it can seem like a waste of time and might even drag your outlook down besides. Instead of giving up, try these alternatives to get your profile in gear.

Change the Pictures on Your Profile

When you meet someone, the first thing you probably notice is what they look like. But with an online ad, a potential date doesn’t know you yet, so he or she uses every bit of your profile to get a sense of who you are. A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it’s the highlight of your Internet ad. Your picture is merely one aspect, but it’s the one that will catch someone’s eye the quickest.


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Make sure anyphoto you place is recent and relates to the rest of your profile. Add pictures as a way of illustrating things you talk about in your profile, such as hobbies, vacations, or favorite places to hang out. Use pictures that show you in your everyday life (even if you have to stage them) to provide a better sense of your personality.

Remove Any Obscure References

Even though you want someone to click with you, adding inside jokes or odd trivia items as part of your profile is a surefire way of leaving a potential date confused. Keep your profile general enough that a wide variety of people will be able to understand the movies or television shows you reference.

Open Up Search Criteria

Don’t think of search criteria as a way to get your dream date to show up at your door. Rather, use it to narrow your prospects, cutting out only those that you absolutely would not consider. Then, decide if you’d like a date with someone after you meet them for a coffee date or two.

Hire a Professional Online Dating Consultant

Many online dating services today offer professional help for a small fee. There are also writers that specialize in rewriting online profiles. Make sure whoever you hire doesn’t change the “voice” of your ad, but instead makes it sound more like you to better attract someone of a like-minded personality.

Consultants can take a look at your profile and offer suggestions on items you can change or tweak to give you better results. Often it only takes a few subtle changes to turn your online dating experience into a fun and exciting adventure.

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