One of the coolest things about writing online is having folks email me. I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you.

Sometimes, though, you’re just looking for some info. Here are the frequently asked questions that come my way. I’ve broken out the answers by category.


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Friendship and Relationships:

Can you answer a personalized question for me?

If you need advice, you can try submitting your question through my friendship advice form. Your question may be answered in an article or newsletter. The form is anonymous and allows me to see which types of questions and concerns readers are experiencing the most. By answering your question this way, others get the benefit of the answer as well, because many people experience the same types of situations. Always know you aren’t alone when you’re struggling with a relationship problem.

If I send you an email, will I get a response?

I do try to respond to as many emails as I can but unfortunately, I can’t respond to everything. Sorry.

Can I hire you to work with me one on one for dating or friendship help?

In the past I have worked with online daters in crafting their profiles, but now my schedule does not permit it.  I do have a variety of articles at my friendship site and here that may be of help. If you’re working on an online dating profile, my book goes through step by step instructions.



Arts and Crafts:

Where do you get the glass pieces for your sculptures?

I’m a regular at rummage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales, so I get them all there. The trick is to make the sculptures as cheaply as possible. I buy each piece for anywhere from 25 cents to $2 a piece.

What type of glue do you use for your sculptures?

I experimented with a couple glues and now use Goop Household Hogar. Be sure to use it outside and allow for proper drying time. And of course, read the package so you take proper safety precautions.

Where’d you get those blue gloves I see in your pictures?

I got a free pair of Ethel Gloves to try and then blog about at an old job I worked for years ago. I genuinely loved them. They were meant for gardening, but as we know I’m not much of a gardener. However, I use them for everything else, anything else really, that I have to do outside. I also use them for the glass projects I work on. They fit my hands perfectly and are great for holding on to the glass before it sets.

What types of materials do you use in your mixed media projects?

I combine a mix of old music papers, book pages, odd paper I find here and there, and acrylic paint.

Where do you get the inspiration for your artwork?

Most of it comes from the words of the Bible and some comes from my own poetry. I usually have the words in mind and create something from there.

Where can I purchase a print of your artwork?

You can find my artwork at my etsy store .

Are you available for art licensing? 

Yes! Please contact me to discuss.



On Writing:

How can I find a freelance job?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it! Freelancing is hard work, and if you’re looking for tips, my writing blog is probably a good place to start. Check out the front page for more info and then go from there.

Can you write a guest post for me?

No. Sorry, just too busy!

Will you read my manuscript?


Will you review my book?

I generally only review books I read myself and really enjoy, so no. But I do wish you the best with your book!

Can I use your articles on my site?

If you’re looking for my About.com articles, you can contact them about reprints.  Any other article you find on another site is not for redistribution. You can, however, use a 50-word excerpt with a link back to the original article.

Can I use some of the lines from your poetry?


Can you recommend me for a writing job?

No. I only recommend people I know well and have worked with at length.

How can I hire you?

Contact me and we’ll talk about it.



This and That:

What camera do you use for blogging?

I use a Canon PowerShot A3100IS and really like it.

Anything else you can’t live without?

Bonne Bell lip gloss. I’ve used this stuff since I was five. Yes, I’m sure it looks weird for people to see a woman in her 40s pull out a Bonne Bell lipsmacker, but hey, it works and why change it?