The Schnoodle

Being a writer often means that you’re alone with just your keyboard. I’m an introvert, but even I need someone to chit-chat with during the day. To that end, you’ll probably see pictures of my dog and “writing partner” Genevieve here from time to time.


I don’t know why, but I just love taking pictures of her! I’ll admit, I’m a bit in love with my dawggie. She cracks me up with the way she looks at me while I’m taking her picture (like…. sigh…. must you?), and how she wags her tail when I sing loudly and off-key.


If you peruse through some of the posts on here (especially the ones that introduce new articles I’ve written or new craft projects I’ve done) you’ll see her there giving her two cents.

Here are some favorite pictures of “The Schnoodle”: