Apple, Pear, Dried Cranberry Salad


I like pretty much all salads but this one is good because even the guys seem to like it. Do all men not love salad? Mine doesn’t seem to, but he does like this one.

On Making Money Blogging


You guys! I’m so excited to finally have my book on blogging out! It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’ve been blogging professionally for a decade and now finally have put all my secrets and tips and tricks together into How to (Really) Make Money Blogging. I’ve been working […]

And Then There Were Slipcovers


Many moons ago we bought some couches. They were cheap (as things I buy tend to be) and they were functional. But they were brown and ugly. I had some funky pillows on them but that only made them seem darker. I made an afghan for them and that helped lighten things up, but every […]

She’s Got Spring Fever

Finding a Little Patch of Sun

As I write this, we have another wintery day in the midst of this Spring. More snow that won’t stay but will make everything cold and icy again… more freezing winds… more reminders that Winter is a bully and her shyer, timid sister Spring cannot seem to break out and take over like she should. […]

March 2015 Link Love

linky saturday

I’m so excited because it’s been a productive month. The new mantra I have is simplicity.

Organizing the Studio


We moved a few months back and now have this small but sunny room that I’m using for a studio. I’ve finally been able to organize things in there and really get some things put away, up on the bookshelves and into the carts.

Original Art Sale

children of god collage

One of the things about moving is realizing how much stuff you have. When we moved, I brought all my paintings with me, of course, but quickly realized we didn’t have room for all of them.

Art Prints on Display

follow me

I’ve been taking new pictures for the Etsy store showing my art prints up on the wall. I think it helps to show what they look like in frames and as part of a little vignette.