More Glass Bottle Flowers


Well, you know when it comes to me and gluing glass, I can’t stop at just one project. Now that I’m into these glass bottle flowers I’m experimenting with all kinds of different ones.

Sabbath Time


When I was younger, I didn’t understand Sabbath time like I do now. My family didn’t practice it and it’s not something we talked about. As I got older, I thought that Sabbath was about “not doing work” which I found very difficult, because I’m someone that likes to keep doing something. I can’t just […]

Glass Cobalt Bottle Flowers


In continuing with my obsession about glass sculptures, I discovered a fun little project using bottles and smaller bowls. Put them on a garden stake, and they make flowery looking sculpture type things! And no, they aren’t new, but they’re new to me.

Linky Saturday: May 2015


Is it just me or is May really a long month this year? You know what I mean, it seems like we have a taste of spring, then freezing cold weather, and the weeks just go on and on. I sound like an old lady, and you know what? I am!

Teal and White Glass Sculpture


This weekend I was happy because I got to make a big ole glass sculpture and I haven’t done one of those for a long time. Oh sure, I’ve made some solar light ones, and those are fun, too, but there’s something about a full-sized sculpture that is really satisfying to me. I like the […]

Read the Label (a poem)


One of my most popular poems over the years has been “Read the Label,” a poem I wrote long, long ago and published in my first book, The Difference Now.

Robin’s Nest


I love watching the robins appear in spring. Such a hopeful sign, and the way they hop about the yard and collect items for their nests intrigues me as well.

Spring, Did You Hear My Call?


Spring has been trying to arrive, but I think she’s been a bit lazy. Probably vacationing in a warm place and isn’t in too much of a hurry to come up to the Midwest right now. She’s been taunting us, allowing her buddy Winter to have at it around these parts. This is a picture […]

April 2015 Link Love


I’ve been brimming with joy after another productive month. It feels very much like spring cleaning all around, throughout my house, my work life…

Blue Glass Sculpture Solar Light Set


I’ve been chomping at the bit to make some new glass sculptures, and now that we’re in our new place I can finally do it. It appears that I need more glass! I’ve been avoiding buying it at rummages because I didn’t want to have to move it, so all we took with us was […]