Buy a Signed Copy of Cherie Burbach’s Books

Would you like a signed copy of one of books? I’m filled with gratitude when anyone buys my books, and it means even more when someone wants them personalized. Here are the steps to make it happen.

1. Use the buttons below to make your purchase. You’ll be sent to PayPal to complete the payment information. Be sure to include your address so I can mail out your book(s).

2. When you’re finished with payment, contact me with the name you’d like the book personalized to. (For example: “John” or “Beverly Ann”.)

3. I’ll mail out the book to you.

Here are the books available to be personalized:

Yes, You (poetry)

New and Selected Poems (poetry)

Father’s Eyes (poetry)

21 Simple Things You Can Do For Someone With Diabetes (nonfiction, health)

Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza (nonfiction, relationships)