Emotional Affairs: The Book


I first started writing about emotional affairs almost a decade ago. The subject was a work assignment, and as I continued to write about it I received emails and comments from people who had gone through it.

How to Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, filled with great food and time with family. But like any holiday, it can be stressful. We put the pressure on ourselves at times, but with the preparation, travel, and cooking, it can be enough to make anyone exhausted. Here are some tips for making Thanksgiving less stressful for you […]

Mind the Chat


Update: Had a great time with BBC America’s Mind the Chat, and thought I’d share some of the tweets. You can still join in, of course.

Halloween and Friendship

It’s Halloween time already, and I’m still wondering where August went. I think that means I am officially like my grandmother, who perpetually wondered where the summer had gone well into the following spring.

Popular Friendship Articles

What are you wondering about when it comes to friendship? Here are some of the articles people have found most helpful over the last month or so. Maybe one of them can answer your friendship question.

Understanding Your Girlfriend’s Health Issues


Maybe she has diabetes, fibromyalgia, asthma, arthritis, depression, or any one of the diseases you may not even know your girlfriend has because there aren’t outward signs. How can you support her if you really don’t know what she’s dealing with?

What I Wish I Knew Then About Friendship…

I’ve got a guest post up at Girlfriend Circles about “What I Wish I Knew Then… About Friendship.” It’s part of the celebration to bring recognition to Women’s Friendship Month.