Mind the Chat


Update: Had a great time with BBC America’s Mind the Chat, and thought I’d share some of the tweets. You can still join in, of course.

Halloween and Friendship

It’s Halloween time already, and I’m still wondering where August went. I think that means I am officially like my grandmother, who perpetually wondered where the summer had gone well into the following spring.

Popular Friendship Articles

What are you wondering about when it comes to friendship? Here are some of the articles people have found most helpful over the last month or so. Maybe one of them can answer your friendship question.

Understanding Your Girlfriend’s Health Issues

September is Women’s Friendship Month! Did you know that? To help celebrate, I’m guest blogging over at Girlfriendology with a post about understanding your girlfriend’s chronic health condition.

What I Wish I Knew Then About Friendship…

I’ve got a guest post up at Girlfriend Circles about “What I Wish I Knew Then… About Friendship.” It’s part of the celebration to bring recognition to Women’s Friendship Month.

Happy Friendship Day!

Today is International Friendship Day. Did you know that? It’s a day to recognize all the fabulous friends in your life.