On Making Money Blogging


You guys! I’m so excited to finally have my book on blogging out! It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’ve been blogging professionally for a decade and now finally have put all my secrets and tips and tricks together into How to (Really) Make Money Blogging. I’ve been working […]

Emotional Affairs: The Book


I first started writing about emotional affairs almost a decade ago. The subject was a work assignment, and as I continued to write about it I received emails and comments from people who had gone through it.

New Book Covers


I’m in the process of updating some of my nonfiction books. It’s been a few years, and one thing I’ve noticed is that covers have really been amped up a notch. When I started putting my books out there, I did the covers myself and that seemed to work fine for a while. But no […]

Linky Saturday: December 28, 2013


Okay, I lied. I said my top tweet post was going to be the last of the year, but I forgot about Linky Saturday. So here we are, at the end of the year talking about things that we’ve found awesome. That’s what Linky Saturday is all about.

Hey You – The Song

yes you coverSMALLER

I can’t get this cute song out of my head. A very talented girl put the first few lines of my poem “Yes, You” (from my book, Yes, You) to music. I love that she used a ukulele and made it so happy and cool. I’m putting some images together and will put this on […]

Dating Books from Celebs

Would you take dating advice from a celebrity? Their dating life is certainly different than your average single person. They’re in the spotlight and have their mistakes played out for everyone to see.

Yes, You Should Get This Book!

I’m very excited about the release of my fifth poetry book, Yes, You. Yes, you are worthy! That’s the message that comes through in this one.

5 Things to Do Each Day to Quickly Promote on Twitter

Most of the complaints I hear from authors about Twitter is that it’s time consuming or difficult to use. Neither is true, but when you’re already pressed for time, adding one more method of promotion can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. But not this time! Here are five quick and easy things […]

Lessons From the Brandilyn Collins Booksigning

I recently got a chance to meet Brandilyn Collins at a dinner at book signing, and have to say how very impressed I was with her.  I couldn’t help noticing a few things she did that would be helpful to other writers.