Am I a Cool Geek Now?

think geek

As soon as I pondered the term “cool geek,” I knew I wasn’t one because those two words together combine to create an oxymoron.  Part of being a geek is being uncool, at least in the traditional sense. But we don’t care about the traditional sense, do we?

Mixed Media: Superhero Glasses

I just picked up some 10 x 10 canvasses at Michael’s this week, and couldn’t wait to break into them. I started by covering the canvas with some different papers, book pages, and music sheets. Then I added some stamps and the beginnings of the face.

Blueberry Muffins

One thing the people in my life absolutely love (and sometimes, beg for) are blueberry muffins. I wish I could take credit for this, but I can’t. The reason for it is that I have a really great recipe. That’s all. (That’s the secret to being a fabulous cook, for those of you kitchen novices. […]

Mixed Media Supplies From the Library Sale

I’m way behind on just about everything this week, including new craft projects. But I did manage to go to the local library sale and pick up ten books for under a dollar! Yessiree! That’s the way to get ’em. Especially when you’re going to craft with them.

Tales From a Staycation

I’ve spoken (probably too much) that in the last couple years I haven’t taken much time off. I think the reason I stress that is because so many people think you have loads of time when you’re a writer.

Play With Me! Play With Me Now

I think I’ve mentioned my writing partner, Genevieve, here a time or two. She’s absolutely hilarious and keeps me on track (or encourages me to actually step away from the keyboard) just when I need it.

Wooden Birdhouse Necklaces

Updated: May 30, 2013 I first published this post about a year and a half ago, and it has remained one of my most popular. I think that is because these little necklaces are so clever and cute.

National Young Readers Week

National Young Readers Week was November 7-11th, so I thought it might be fun to list the books we loved as kids. I’ll go first.

Happy Halloween

I have to admit, Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays!