Linky Saturday: August 1, 2015

linky saturday

This is actually the end of July post with those great artsy blogging links for the month. So pretend it’s still July.

Linky Saturday: May 2015


Is it just me or is May really a long month this year? You know what I mean, it seems like we have a taste of spring, then freezing cold weather, and the weeks just go on and on. I sound like an old lady, and you know what? I am!

April 2015 Link Love


I’ve been brimming with joy after another productive month. It feels very much like spring cleaning all around, throughout my house, my work life…

March 2015 Link Love

linky saturday

I’m so excited because it’s been a productive month. The new mantra I have is simplicity.

February Link Love


It’s been a wild and crazy couple of weeks. I’ve felt very uncertain and overwhelmed. It seems so much of my business life is about moving forward when I’m unsure, trying things out and making mistakes, and then somehow finding my way.

Linky Saturday: January 2015


So many things going on these past few weeks. Still trying to get caught up. I’ve been enjoying a lot of good music while I work, though.

Linky Saturday: October, 2014


I loved this forum that mentioned me and my friendship articles at So very cool to have people read them and point them out to others! Plus, caught this guy that does underwater paintings. As in, he paints them while under water. Why? Hey – who am I to judge. Keep on creating, brother! Speaking […]

Linky Saturday: May 24 – 31, 2014

doggie chasing rabbits

Did you enjoy the long holiday weekend? I took some time off, which meant I still did a lot of writing but didn’t log on to social media as much. I worked on my own projects. That’s a vacation for me.

Linky Saturday: May 2, 2014


Wasn’t April fun? I so enjoyed spending poetry month with you guys. Let’s make poetry a bigger focus for all of us going forward. Deal?

Linky Saturday: April 5, 2014

cherie et

As I write this, the winds of change blow strongly in my life. As if to mimic them, cold winter air pushes away any thoughts of spring. But we forge on.

Linky Saturday: March 15, 2014


Hey guys, it’s been a very crazy but happy few weeks for me. I’ve been crazy busy but that’s always a good thing, right?