Flying Pigs and Cool Art


A few weeks ago we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a drive. And we drove… and drove… and ended up in Door County.

The Farmers Market


What is it about a farmer’s market? They’re so colorful, give off a relaxed vibe that makes you think you have all day to stroll and pick out veggies, and so inspiring for healthy living.

Art Makes Me Happy


Ya’ll know I love art, but I’m not the only one. While sipping coffee from my brand new Kelly Rae Roberts cup I couldn’t help tweeting out how much I was loving that moment:

The Love Note Box


I’ve always wanted to do one of those jars where you write little notes about good things that happen to you here and there. You put your happy thoughts down on a small slip of paper, put them in a big jar, and read them one by one at the end of the year.

Different But Equal – My Prize Winning Essay


A lot of people ask me about this essay I’ve been talking about that won me a trip to New York years ago. I remember (about 1997 I believe) that I was in the dentist’s office, and saw a contest sponsored by Equal sugar. As part of the contest, you had to write an essay […]

Things People Search For

I’m always amused at the phrases people use to find my blog. For instance, here’s a sampling of what folks have used to find my blog this week.

Who Is On Your LSL?

Recently I was watching Castle, which is one of my favorite shows, and they talked about your “LSL” or Last Supper List. As in, the people you would want there at your very last supper.

Six Word Memoirs

I saw a post recently on Rachelle Gardner’s blog asking for Six Word Memoirs. I love that idea, and left mine in the comments on her post: Encouraging more poetry in this world. Share yours here! What’s your six word memoir? Image: Morguefile