When Do You Start Feeling Old?


Midlife feels good, doesn’t it? Most of the time you’re not feeling old. Most of the time you wondered when you’re going to get to that age that your parents and grandparents were when you thought they were old.

Reinvesting In Your Writing Business

One of the things I haven’t always been good about is reinvesting in my freelance writing business. What I mean is, I’m really frugal. To the point where I hardly spend money on anything, let alone my business. (Being frugal helps when you’re a freelancer and your income is a bit up and down, by […]

Funny Websites


Every once in a while someone asks me about the websites I really like. When it comes to entertainment, I like stuff that makes me think and makes me laugh.

New Friendship and Lifestyle Articles for August 30, 2013

Can you believe the summer is almost over? I can’t. I stick my heels in and refuse to let the cooler months pull me away. One way I hold on to summer is to go outside and make glass sculptures and play with my dog. We’ve been gearing up for our big craft fair so […]

The Creative Planner

For years I’ve been searching for a specific type of planner. I wanted something more than a calendar, more than a journal… I had to be able to keep track of my appointments but also stay ahead of my goals.

National Dog Day

I was going to put up a post about my recent craft making adventures (for the craft sale – which is coming soon! – eeek!) but since it’s National Dog Day I think I’ll include a couple photos of my little Schnoodle Pie. My dog inspires me and keeps me healthy. Recently I’ve been working […]

When Technical Problems Are the Norm

I wrote about having to start over recently do to my own… what?…restlessness perhaps, but it’s been an interesting time with technical issues all the way around. I started the technical problems myself, getting rid of a few things I shouldn’t have, not here but on a few of the other blogs I own. I’ve […]

Things Look a Little Different Around Here

I haven’t commented on this yet but for those paying attention, we’ve got a new look around these parts. I’ve updated the looks of most of my blogs, including this one.