Wooden Birdhouse Necklaces

Updated: May 30, 2013 I first published this post about a year and a half ago, and it has remained one of my most popular. I think that is because these little necklaces are so clever and cute.

National Young Readers Week

National Young Readers Week was November 7-11th, so I thought it might be fun to list the books we loved as kids. I’ll go first.

Happy Halloween

I have to admit, Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays!

Finished Afghan

When last you left me I was sewing together pieces of an afghan. Here’s the final product! I love the way this afghan turned out! The colors are so pretty in this room.

Stained Glass Afghan

It’s afghan making season once again, folks. I decided we really needed a new afghan for our front chair. Something smallish that we could just pop on over our legs in the chilly winter months. We have a lot of blues and purples in that room, so I decided to make this Stained Glass Motif [...]

Young Homie What You Trippin On

Have you been watching The X Factor? It’s Simon Cowell’s new show, and a competitor of Idol. I’ve caught it here and there while flipping through the channels, and I’m glad I did. I actually really like it. One guy in particular that caught my attention was Chris Rene. This kid has been through it, [...]

Paper Covered Pumpkins With Poetry

I saw these pumpkins on the Artsy Va Va blog, and really loved the idea. She took Dollar Store pumpkins, a twig from outside, pages from an old book, and some moss to create a new look. I loved what she did, and I wanted to make a few and also add some poetry to [...]

This Man I Love at the Artful Crafter

Eileen at the Artful Crafter gave me a nice surprise when she used one of my poems (“This Man I Love” which is in New and Selected Poems) in a greeting card she made by hand for her husband.

Book Necklace for a Friend

Did you ever have an “off” craft day? Like, you make something the first time and it turns out fine, and when you make it again, it doesn’t turn out.