Downton Abbey Apple Charlotte

Like many of you, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Downton Abbey, and was rewarded last night in a spectacular Season 3 start. Lucky for me, I’m not the only one I know who enjoys it. DH loves it too, so we decided to do a “Downton Abbey feast” last night to eat while […]

National Young Readers Week

National Young Readers Week was November 7-11th, so I thought it might be fun to list the books we loved as kids. I’ll go first.

Young Homie What You Trippin On

Have you been watching The X Factor? It’s Simon Cowell’s new show, and a competitor of Idol. I’ve caught it here and there while flipping through the channels, and I’m glad I did. I actually really like it. One guy in particular that caught my attention was Chris Rene. This kid has been through it, […]

Books Rule

I love books. No really, I love them. I love writing them, reading them, and even crafting with them.

The Beauty of Gift Cards

You know, they say that gift cards aren’t a good present to give, but I have to disagree. Here’s why.

A Bogey New Year’s

How was your New Year’s? I have to say we had one of the best New Year’s ever this year.

Feeding a Tudor Fix

About seven years ago I first got hooked on Tudor fiction. My mom had given me The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, and I couldn’t get enough.

Favorite Poetry Books

It’s gift giving season, which means some of you are looking for suggestions on what to get people.  You know poetry is one of the best gifts ever, right?

The Prophet and Story People

For years now people have told me that I should read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.  They have used words like “brilliant” and “favorite book” and “beautiful poetry.”

Favorite Christmas Movies

Blogger Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen sent out a request on Twitter recently for favorite Christmas movie ideas. I responded with two, both of which she included in an article on her blog.