New Paintings: Yellow and Blue and Birdies


I’ve been working on some new paintings this. Many times I get on a “kick” with backgrounds and themes. This week I was obsessed with the color yellow and birds. I love birds, and this week couldn’t help including them in my paintings.

New Painting: Three Little Words

Just one new picture this week. Been hot here and I’ve had a lot of meetings this week. Funny how that happens some weeks, isn’t it? I much prefer to be inside and write and paint, but I suppose it’s good when clients pull me out into the real world, too.

Visit Me at Beading Arts!

My artsy blogging pal Cyndi was kind enough to host me at her Beading Arts blog, where I’m talking about my trip to Paris. I share a few photos I took, along with a funny poem that describes a dinner I went to with my hubby.