Deepest Void


This is a very old poem about the process of forgiveness. I think it looks different for everyone at times.

With Every Breath

with every breeath

A few years ago I wrote a poem that was all about letting go of negativity. How do you accomplish this? Very often when I’m stressed, I try and just take a few deep breaths.

Kiss That Scar

Kiss That Scar

This is one of my favorite poems from my book, My Soul Is From a Different Place.

Linky Saturday: May 2, 2014


Wasn’t April fun? I so enjoyed spending poetry month with you guys. Let’s make poetry a bigger focus for all of us going forward. Deal?

The Wise Bride


In my new book, My Soul Is From a Different Place, I wrote a poem about shame. Namely, what do we do when we have all these mistakes and painful memories waving at us every time we look back? Do we embrace them as if they defined us? Move on as if they didn’t happen?

What Is Prayer?

What Is

Since today is the National Day of Prayer, I thought I’d share a recent poem from my latest poetry book, My Soul Is From a Different Place.

Yes, You Is Free Through the Weekend


I just released my new book, My Soul Is From a Different Place, last week, but today I decided to put the Kindle book before it, Yes, You on sale for free at Amazon. That means now through the weekend you can download right to your Kindle no charge. How’s that for a nice Friday treat [...]

Bloggers: I Need Your Help!


Bloggers, what would life be like without you? As an author (and blogger myself) I know how valuable your input is when it comes to getting the word out about books you enjoy.

I’m Not That Girl

i'm not that girl

It’s interesting to look back at older poems. After a decade publishing poetry, my life has changed and so has the content of my poems. But at the same time, there is a feeling and theme in them that has remained, that of strength, empowerment, and faith.

Yes, You


I enjoy writing poems about encouraging women and also helping people connect to their faith.