Read the Label (a poem)


One of my most popular poems over the years has been “Read the Label,” a poem I wrote long, long ago and published in my first book, The Difference Now.

Robin’s Nest


I love watching the robins appear in spring. Such a hopeful sign, and the way they hop about the yard and collect items for their nests intrigues me as well.

Spring, Did You Hear My Call?


Spring has been trying to arrive, but I think she’s been a bit lazy. Probably vacationing in a warm place and isn’t in too much of a hurry to come up to the Midwest right now. She’s been taunting us, allowing her buddy Winter to have at it around these parts. This is a picture […]

Emotional Affairs: The Book


I first started writing about emotional affairs almost a decade ago. The subject was a work assignment, and as I continued to write about it I received emails and comments from people who had gone through it.

Recording My This I Believe Essay


I’m humbled today that my “This I Believe” essay is featured on the site’s homepage, along with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. Totally blown away by that, actually.

On Why Telling Your Story Matters


I was recently reminded about why it was so important to tell my story. We all have stories, all of us have unique experiences that shape who we are. Some of them are positive, wonderful and funny. Some of them are negative. They involve mistreatment and abuse and sadness. I don’t believe in telling your […]

New Book Covers


I’m in the process of updating some of my nonfiction books. It’s been a few years, and one thing I’ve noticed is that covers have really been amped up a notch. When I started putting my books out there, I did the covers myself and that seemed to work fine for a while. But no […]

We Are Children of God


It took me a while, years really, to grasp this concept of what it really means to be a child of God.

For God So Loved the World


When I was a kid, the words from John 3:16 didn’t resonate with me as much as they do now. I mean, I got it, I was happy God sent Jesus because it meant we were saved, but as I get older, I see how amazing it was that God became one of us, walked […]

Because We Need to Embrace Hope


I’ve been thinking a lot about hope. Have you ever felt like you’d been so beaten down that you couldn’t even allow hope into your heart? That you were actually afraid of hope now?