Homemade Gift Book Ideas

Every year, my family and I try and make at least one item to give away. Very often, I’ve made gift books of one kind or another. I’d thought I’d give you some ideas if you’re looking for a thoughtful yet inexpensive and homemade gift idea.

Book of Favorite Quotes, Moments, and Poems

I’ve given away several gift books over the years. Just about every friend and family member has received one. I did it at first because, I was broke! LOL. But over the years people would ask me if I was still going to give them. I was surprised to find out how appreciated this gift was.

What I did was get a really good quality journal (something you’d find at a bookstore or stationary shop) and write favorite inspirational sayings and poems in there. I’d include some of my own poetry, and also moments I had with the person that meant a lot to me. I wrote out everything by hand, using a calligraphy pen, and tried to make the notes in there personal and specific to that person.

I’ve done a lot of scrapbooks for people over the years. What I like to include are photos, quotes, and other moments that would mean a lot to them. I like the use the smaller, square books for this. I made one for my brother in law that included a lot of childhood pictures of him and my husband, and he just loved it.

I’ve also done scrapbooks for people that included emails we’ve sent over the years, notes, wrappers from bottles of wine, or you name it. (You have to be part pack rat for this, I think. I like to save stuff, and then I use it down the line on something like this. I think a lot of crafters are savers – we always think we can use something later on.)

Reasons Why Book
You know those books that are titled, “101 Reasons Why…”? Well, I’ve made a few of these for people, also. Things like, “101 Favorite Quotes from Laura,” or “101 Favorite Moments” or even “101 Reasons Why I Love You.” These take some time, so be prepared to jog your memory for things specific to the person you’re making this for. I think that’s the key with all of these books, just make it as personal as you can to the recipient. In the “quotes” book I wrote down all these funny things my friend had said over the years. We laughed our butts off reading that thing!

365 Letters
One year I kept a journal for someone I didn’t see very often. A lot was going on in both of our lives at the time, and every day I wrote a letter to this person in a journal. Then, at the end of a year, I gave it to them. It was a big hit.

As you can see, words mean a lot to me. I love getting gifts like this, and also giving them. But I’ve been really surprised over the years by how touched people have been to receive these types of gifts.