Paper Covered Pumpkins With Poetry

I saw these pumpkins on the Artsy Va Va blog, and really loved the idea. She took Dollar Store pumpkins, a twig from outside, pages from an old book, and some moss to create a new look. I loved what she did, and I wanted to make a few and also add some poetry to them. I took her advice and bought pumpkins from the Dollar Store (which really is a crafter’s best friend sometimes, isn’t it?) and got these swell pumpkins, which would have been ten times as much at the craft store.



Don’t worry about the seam on them, because you’ll cover it up with paper. Cut or tear some strips from an old book, and then Modge Podge them on the pumpkin.




Then, I wanted some poetry on this pumpkin. I can’t get enough poetry, you know! So I printed off the first stanza of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.




Then, I got a stick I found on the ground outside, and plugged in my glue gun.




I also picked up some moss at the Dollar Store. They didn’t have the wiry stuff, which I think would have looked much better. So I’m going to go back and get some of that for the next ones I do.




I added some lines around the wording, and glued the stick in place. (I cut out the little stub of the pumpkin in order to put the stick in there.) Then I glued the moss in place.




I’m never happy the first time I make something, and I know next time I’ll do things slightly different, but I like the cheapness and versatility of this project, so I’ll definitely do a couple variations.




  1. says

    OBVIOUSLY, you did these with me in mind, because you know how much I adore anything with book pages on them! I’m going to have to find some pumpkins and give it a go now! They’re great Cherie!

  2. says

    Cherie, I really like how this came out. I’m a big fan of text on top of text on top of text… I’m sure you’ll make the next one even better, but I think this one is great!

  3. says

    Yay Dollar Store! I love picking up cheap supplies there.

    The pumpkin is very clever. I’m meaning to do some papier mache. This was a nice nudge 😉

    • Cherie says

      I was surprised at how nice the Dollar Store pumpkins were. I’m going to have to check them out more often than I do. Can’t wait to see your papier mache!

  4. says

    This DID nudge me to do some papier mache, Cherie. I liked your idea of Mod Podge – much simpler.

    I also like that is an adult-theme Halloween craft.

    • Cherie says

      Thanks, Eileen! I like that it’s one for the adults, too. Although kids would certainly enjoy getting their hands dirty with Mod Podge. (I used gloves, of course:))

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