Felt Peep Bunnies

Happy Easter everybody! I pulled out my Easter decorations and this cute little Easter tree that I love, but noticed that it’s a little thin on ornaments. What to do? Add some felt Peeps of course!



The supplies were very cheap. I got felt and ribbon at JoAnn’s for like 50% off, and I already had the stuffing. (A little stuffing goes a long way.) So all the materials cost less than $2.



I cut out Peep-like figures from two pieces of felt. (One front and one back.)



I sewed a piece of ribbon (made into a loop) to the inside of the back Peep.



Then I sewed both pieces together.



Before I closed it up, I put a small piece of stuffing into it.



Now it’s time for the eyes! I used a brown fine point Sharpie, and drew two eyes and a nose.



And… volia! Peep finished. Doesn’t it look cute on the tree?




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