Tomorrow I Will Laugh Like a Child

It’s funny how often some of the poetry from my very first book enters my artwork. I think that’s because I had a picture in my mind when I wrote it but I hadn’t put the image onto canvas yet. It is still there, even if I’ve moved on from the poem onto other things.

In a lot of ways I look at my old poetry like something you’d see in a museum. It doesn’t seem like it came from me because I’m in a different place now. That’s especially true for my first book, which was a collection from years in the past and really came from a lot of insecurities. Today, I have some of those same feelings (wouldn’t it be nice if we’d never need to feel insecure again?) but not nearly as much. I’m different today and thank the Lord for that.

Still, I find when I’m painting I do pick out some of the words from my old poetry as inspiration. That’s what I did with this one. The words are taken from my poem “Tomorrow, She Walks With Grace” which is in New and Selected Poems. It talks about the fresh chance we get every morning, and how you can look forward to changing your life from the minute you get up the next day.

This particular paragraph relates to how serious we are as adults.  We get up, rush to our jobs, and rarely have time for silliness or fun. We don’t play nearly as much as we need to.


tomorrow i will laugh like a child


The print is available in my Etsy store.


  1. says

    I love the words and the art, especially how her eyes are gazing up with wisdom.

    I really relate to what you said about it: “It doesn’t seem like it came from me because I’m in a different place now.”

    I wrote a lot of poetry 16 years ago when I was downsized out of a lucrative career where I had excelled. All of a sudden – “poof” – it was all gone.

    Today the poetry really speaks to me but is no longer painful. It might be helpful to share it with others like you do.

    • Cherie says

      I get exactly what you’re saying. It’s like writing the words carry the hurt out of your heart. I think sharing your poetry could be very helpful, Eileen.

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