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A while back I posted about some things that, if they happened, would be really cool. These weren’t goals, but things that had to happen to me without my doing anything to bring them about. (In other words, I can’t do much to make them happen myself. Which is probably a good thing, or I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out how.)

cool things

Since writing that first post, I’ve come up with five more things I think would be SA-weet if they occurred.

To Have Oprah Announce My Name

Many authors (including me) want to be on Oprah (even though she doesn’t have a show anymore, I’m sure she’ll have something on her new network and we’ll all be clambering to get on that show), but what I’m really talking about here is much more basic. I just want her to announce my name in that WELCOME…. CHERRRIEEEEE….. BURRBAAAACH voice. That would be cool.

To Ride on a Float in the Macy’s Parade

I mentioned in my fun facts that I once won a trip to New York that I took over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had, and one of the things I did was see the Macy’s parade. (Yes, I love the whole big balloon, schmaltzy stuff – you bet I do!) When I took my NY trip, I actually went to Central Park to see the balloons getting blown up the night before.

So wouldn’t it be cool if I could ride on a float in the parade? I wouldn’t have to be with incredibly cool Tom Turkey (like Alton Brown did a few years ago) but I’d like to be one of them waving away and grinning from ear to ear.

Cool. Very.

To Pose For the Cover of a Tudor Fiction Book


I love anything having to do with the Tudor’s (as I’ve mentioned a time or twenty here) and can’t help thinking that it would be pretty cool to pose for one of those covers. Something like where the girl wears the pretty dress on the front.

To Have a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Named After Me

I came the realization that Ben & Jerry’s really should create an ice cream flavor for me when I got a sample of Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack. What kind of flavor? I’ll leave it up to them, but I do like vanilla and dark chocolate. Just saying.

To Be a Brand Ambassador for Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

Bonne Bell LipSmacker Party Pack

I’ve used this product for over 40 years now, and I think I’d be the perfect pitch woman. How would this happen? Beats me. But that’s the beauty of a list like this. You can really work toward it. If something is going to happen, it just is and it’s beyond your control. Which perhaps makes wishes like this even sweeter.

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